Team Level Designations

Swimmers are placed in team levels based on several qualifiers. In this section, the goal is to familiarize you with the various team levels, basic expectations and an overall picture of the make-up of our team.

Bobcats - 8 & Under (Level1)
Practice: 4/5 days per week. 45-60 minutes per practice
Focus: The goal of the Bobcats instructional group is to introduce competitive swimming and to stimulate interest in swimming while developing basic skills. The program will be very positive and encouraging, focusing on greater ease and comfort in the water; and, using proper technique. Beginning swimmers will work on freestyle and backstroke technique, including starts, finishes (counting strokes on backstroke), and breathing on freestyle. As they progress, swimmers will also learn breaststroke and butterfly, including the turns and finishes. Swimmers will participate in fun meets and in competitive meets once they, their coaches, and the parents feel they are ready.

Mountain Lions - 9-10 years (Level 2)
Practice: 4/5 days per week. 75-90 per minutes per practice
Focus: The goal of the Mountain Lions training group is to refine stroke technique and begin to teach advanced swimming skills while developing improved endurance. The emphasis within this group is learning while having fun. While swimming is a sport that requires effort and concentration, self-discipline and commitment, having fun remains the foundation of this group. The age group swimmers will develop goals and monitor their progress toward goal achievement. They will participate in both fun meets and more competitive meets according to their interests.

Jaguars - 11-12 years (Level 3)
Practice: 5 days per week. 90-120 minutes per practice
Focus: Swimmers in this group are becoming competitive and learning about the commitment necessary for success. The Jaguar group continues to perfect technique in the water while increasing training and endurance levels for competitive awareness. We want our swimmers to strive for their best, enjoy their teammates, and enjoy the challenges set before them.

Tiger Sharks - 13 & Over (Level 4)
Practice: 5 days per week 90-150 minutes per practice.
Focus: The Tiger Sharks group is our highest level of swimming. It is made up of Senior Group members who agree to rigorous attendance and training guidelines. This team is for the very serious swimmer, and the expectations of athletes at this level are very high. A great deal of importance is placed upon not only training, but also training consistently. Abilities and aspirations of our top-level athletes are high, and we strive to create a team composed of dedicated, committed, and ambitious performers.

Team Level Progressions/Entry Requirements

Level 1: Bobcat - 8 & Under
 Legal 25 freestyle with bilateral breathing
 Legal 25 yard backstroke
 Bobcats swim in some competitive meets
Level 2: Mountain Lions - 9 & 10 years old
 Legal 50 yards of all 4 competitive strokes
 Legal 100 IM
 Mountain Lions are expected to swim in competitive meets
Yorktown Swim Club 2017 Team Handbook Page 3
Level 3: Jaguar - 11 & 12 years old
 Legal 200 IM
 Legal 100 yards of all 4 competitive strokes
 Legal starts turns and finishes
 Jaguars are expected to swim in competitive meets
 9&10 year old state qualifiers may train with the Jaguars if there is coach recommendation along with parental and swimmer agreement
 Younger swimmers who are turning 12 before the upcoming Championship Series (March) that have earned divisional competitive racing standards in multiple events may practice with this group as well.
Level 4: Tiger Swimmers – 13 & Over
 Legally swim 200 Fly, 400 IM, and 500, 800, 1000, and 1650 freestyle
 Those 11 & 12 year olds who are highly motivated and have earned state-level cuts and are state qualified may train with the Tigers, if they have been coach-recommended for placement and there is parental and swimmer agreement