Meet the Coaching Staff

Age Group Coaches


Ryan Gernand

Jaguar Coach


Ashley Miles

Tiger Coach


Emily Braun

Mountain Lion Coach


Lori Weigner

Bobcat Coach


Ian Bowley

Tiger Cub Coach

Head Coach


Elizabeth Batt

Coaches Code of Conduct

*NEVER uses humiliation or embarrassment as a coaching tool

*NEVER uses disparaging words or utilizes name calling

*NEVER expects from their athletes what they don’t practice as well

*NEVER demeans their athletes

*NEVER creates a team environment based on fear

*Genuinely cares about the welfare and wellbeing of each athlete

*Is a pro at catching athletes doing things right

*Rarely raises his/her voice

*Is supportive and encouraging

*Builds healthy relationships with his/her athletes

*Is honest and trustworthy

*Creates a feeling of personal safety on the team

*Is able to celebrate his/her athletes’ successes/accomplishments

*Is a positive person

*Understands that coaching is about doing what’s best for the kids

*Has winning in perspective and defines success in appropriate ways

*Tends to be flexible, yet still able to set good limits

*Is open to constructive feedback from players and parents

*Is friendly, non-defensive and approachable

*Uses hard physical conditioning appropriately

*Is NEVER physically or verbally abusive!

*Communicates displeasure directly and appropriately to athletes

*Coaches by generating mutual respect

*Maintains an open mind

*Is a good communicator

*Leaves his/her athletes feeling good about themselves

*Fuels the athlete’s enjoyment and enthusiasm for the sport

*Is a wonderful role model

*Earns respect from players and parents

*Does NOT act out his/her feelings/insecurities on his/her athlete

*Portrays professional, sportsman-like conduct at practices, meets, and all activities outside of the pool.

*Is on time and ready for practices and meets

*Promotes the YSC in the community and at swim meets