Please see below for the YSC Summer practice schedule.


May 2015 Practice (Yorktown High School Pool)

Tigers/Jags Monday-Friday 3:15-5:30

Mt. Lions   Monday-Thursday 5:30-7

Bobcats      Monday-Thursday 5:30-6:30


June and July Practice Schedule


M-W-F   7-9 am Tuhey

T-TH 7-9 am Nassau AND 6-8pm Tuhey


M-W-F 7-9 am Tuhey

T-TH 7-9 am Nassau

Mt. Lions

M-8:30-10:30 am Tuhey

W 6-7:30 pm Tuhey

T-TH-F 8:30-10 am Nassau


M-F 9-10 am Nassau



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Summer Swim America

Please click on the Swim America Tab above for current information regarding Summer Swim America Sessions.

You can also view the flyer here:

Swim America Summer Flyer

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Nassau and YSC Summer Registration Forms

Summer Registration Forms are available below at the link!

Summer 2015 Registration Form


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From Coach Jordan:

The meet marathon is over! After two meets in a week, and a lot of time dropped, we’ve made it through to the final leg of the season. The kids were great this last weekend, with some fast swims, more time drops and a couple more championship times to boot. Friday night, Gannon Crosser got his 200 Free State cut, going on to have a great meet with a second drop in his 50 Free, 100 breast and 50 breast. Saturday, Dray Caldwell was able to snag a third Divisional cut for the 50 free, with another four second drop in the 100 breast for him. Jaden Huber had a good weekend, getting a 2 second drop in his 100 back. Jacob Havice dropped a lot of time this weekend, being out only 8 and under boy. Jacob dropped 3 seconds in his 25 fly, 4 seconds in his 25 breast, and another 2 seconds in both the 100 fr and 25 back! And finally, rounding out the boys for the weekend, Zach Butler continued to give the rest of the boys a run for their money with an official 14 seconds dropped in his 100 back and another 3 seconds in both the 50 and 100 Breast. The girls also had a strong showing, even if we looked a little tired. Hannah Crosby dropped almost a second in both her 100 back and breast this weekend, continuing to inch ever closer to her divisional cuts! Emma Day had a nice two-second drop in her 50 fly, continuing to improve in the stroke. And finally, Ali Smith brought home our time drops for the weekend with almost 3 seconds in the 200 free and 100 breast, 2 seconds in the 50 free and another second in both the 50 breast and 100 free. The other Mt. Lions, although no time drops (which is perfectly okay this time of season), swam with the determination that I expect, never letting their times get in the way of the next race, always stepping up to swim their hardest. So with the close of the second meet, we turn to towards the last few of the seasons. Goals have been set, the kids of ready, and I am very excited to see where we all end up!


From Coach Annalisa:

The Tigers and Jags were back in action in Fishers this weekend at the Mudsock Classic! McKenna Alexander swam her way to best times in the 200 IM and 100 fly, while Alexis Finney grabbed a best time in the 200 IM. Ellie Alexander posted two best times and made it back to the finals in the 200 free and 100 free, placing 19th in the 200 and 18th in the 100. Logan Barnard, Colton Fauquher, and Madalynn Parker raced their way to two best times. Mason Kennedy dropped time in the 100 back and Molly Crosby dropped time in the 50 breast. Faith Little achieved the most best times, including time drops in the 50 free, 50 breast, and 100 breast. After a long weekend of swimming, we are ready to get back to work!


**Championship team will be updated this week and look for recognition on deck soon as well!

Great job YSC Tigers!!



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From Coach Chelsea:

 The Robbin Lindsey Memorial Meet was a success! The pre-team and bobcats crushed it!  We had a lot of young swimmers compete for the first time! Those that competed for the first time in a club meet were Danae Caldwell, Carter Day, Shahra Johannes, Sophia Behrendt, Alexis Lay, Audrey Moore, and Jeffrey (Eli) Thurston. They came in a little nervous and walked out enthusiastic and ready for more. They were constantly wondering if it was their turn to swim and ready to go. Amara Anderson continued to drop time and show improvements in her strokes. Amara also swam her last meet as an 8 and under swimmer and is now ready for the 9-10 age group! Good luck Amara! This was Dakota Little’s second swim meet, but he came to the meet with enthusiasm and a ready-to-go attitude. Dakota swam well and gave each race all he had. This was Lynley Douglas’ first club meet for this season and she took it on like a pro. Lynley had a lot of great swims and she raced hard. I am so proud of all the swimmers. Great job YSC! Keep up the good work it’s paying off!


From Coach Jordan:

After a hard few weeks of little practice, we were ready to get our blood pumpin’ for the Robbin Lindsey meet and a slew of lifetime bests were just what we needed to kick off the last push towards the Championship meets. To start us off, we had a lot of new comers to the meet, with first time meet goers getting to experience the fun of competition. It was Aubrey Clark’s first meet of the year, with Lauren Hollensbe and Kenneth (Riley) Thurston! Lauren Hollensbe and Vanessa Meadows lead off the weekend, scoring points in their first event, the 200 Free! Aubrey Clark dropped over 30 seconds in the 50 Fr from her time last year, as well as over 40 seconds in the 100 Fr! Riley Thurston had a great first meet, being able shake his nerves to swim his hardest. Lauren, Aubrey and Riley continued to have a great meet, enjoying each race and giving it their all. They left the meet with a smile; looking forward to when they would get to do it again. Maria Alexander had a good meet, dropping time in the 200 Fr and continuing to swim Championship time cuts in the 50 Br and Fr. Zach Butler continued to drop time in most of his events, dropping over 11 seconds in the 200 Fr, 9 second in the 100 Breast, and 7 seconds in the 100 Fr. Dray Caldwell continued to drop time in the 50 Fly by four seconds, as well as a second in both the 50 Bk and 50 Fr. Anya Chiara had a great meet this weekend, dropping over 5 seconds in the 200 Fr and almost a second in the 50 Fr. Nadia also followed suit with a second drop in the 25 Bk. Hannah Crosby continued to take another few steps closer to her Divisional cuts, dropping time in the 50 Bk and 100 Breast by a second, 2 seconds in her 200 Fr and three seconds in her 100 Back. Gannon Crosser had a great meet, earning high point award and placing 1st in every event! Gannon dropped 6 seconds in the 100 Fly, 4 seconds in the 100 Breast and another 6 seconds in the 200 Fr. Emma Day showed some great improvement in the 50 Fly and Breast with a second drop in each! Carter Fauquher made some big strides towards his Championship cuts, dropping a second for a new lifetime best in the 50 fly, a second in the 50 Breast, 4 seconds in the 50 free, 3 seconds in the 50 Back, 8 seconds in the 100 Free, 5 in the 100 Back, and 12 in the 200 Free! Jacob Havice continued to drop time, dropping 5 seconds in the 100 free and over a second in the 25 fly. Jaden Huber dropped a second in both the 50 free and back! Dakota Landreth continued to show improvement in her strokes, dropping over 4 seconds in the 100 breast and over a second in the 50 fly and back and the 100 back! Vanessa Meadows dropped time in almost all of her events, bringing a great positive attitude to the meet. Ali Smith dropped 6 seconds in the 100 Fly and another 6 seconds in the 100 back, swimming her heart out in every event. I continue to be more and more proud of the Mt. Lions and am very excited to see more of our new swimmers at the meets to come.


From Coach Annalisa:

First off, I have to give a HUGE shout-out to all swimmers from Yorktown! We rocked it out this past weekend and I could not be more proud! Let’s check out how our Tigers swam. Alexis Finney had great swims throughout the weekend and raced her way to a seventh place finish in the 400 IM. Logan Hicock-Dickson swam his way to best times in all events swam. Catherine Grasso, Mallory Wilson, and McKenna Alexander posted numerous top eight finishes and best times. Betsy Kemp, Chloe Duncan, Alexi Walker, Chaila Watters, Sydney Wilson, and Garret Clausen finished top eight in all events swam, including impressive time drops.

Now for our Jags; Ellie Alexander posted 10 top eight finishes and won high point for the 11-12 year olds. Molly Crosby, Faith Little, Logan Barnard, and Madalynn Parker posted best times in several events throughout the weekend. Claire Bilger swam at her first meet of the season and raced her way to the wall in every event. Ian Clausen, Colton Fauquher, Grace Huisman, Mason Kennedy, and Molly Wickliffe all swam their way to best times and multiple top eight finishes. We’re excited to see how our swimmers do this weekend in Fishers!


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